Candid - Miro Lonar


AGE: 23

The set includes 188 images and a video total running time 19.54 min

Good looking, slim and bare-assed is always a great start to a video.  Miro Lonar doesn’t disappoint therefore as this is exactly how his candid video begins.  We are treated to a feast for the eyes as this sexy guy does a great show.  From his hot, slim, body to his sexy ass and beautiful cock, we get to see it all.  He poses well and looks so relaxed as he lays on the bed.  But  he also gives us the best of shots,  of his dick rock hard and his ass beautifully spread.  As he works through a whole range of great shots to ensure we see everything, Miro’s feet are prominent.  Our camera captures them just as we like, naturally.  So we can enjoy those feet from all angles, in close-up and with wide shots.  Mixed in with the stiff dick and inviting ass Miro is just perfect for our eyes.  Just when we thought we had seen everything Miro delivers to uss a wonderful cumshot, shooting his cream all over the mirror.  What a beautiful guy and a lovely video.

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