Candid - Marek Loner


AGE: 21

The set includes 159 images and a video total running time 13.00 min

Oh we have found another very hot guy in Marek Loner.  In this very candid video we are treated to a feast of great shots of him.  From his sexy, naked, body with those very hairy legs, to the equally hairy ass and onto the sexy feet we get to see it all.  Marek looks so good and does a great job of allowing us to linger on those sexy feet to examine every detail that we love to see.  He also moves around and poses, so that we are able to see so much more.  His cock is beautiful as is that hairy ass.  It is great to see the cheeks parted to, showing the tight hole.  But, as every, our main focus is on those sexy feet and we see them from all angles to maximise our pleasure.  To complete a great video we get to enjoy Marek as he wanks himself to completion at the end.

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