Candid 2 - Mirek Madl - set 6

(candid 2)
(set 6)

AGE: 20

The set includes 131 images and a video total running time 16.57 min

We have a very hot video from the sexy Mirek Madl.  He always looks so good, so this candid video is just as good as expected.  As he gets naked and sports a huge erection Mirek looks great.  We are treated to close-ups of that big, hard cock, with his crinkly, wiry, pubic hair shown too.  His balls are tight around his shaft as we enjoy the view.  Then we get to check out Mirek’s ass too, and what a beauty it is.  With the cheeks spread wide we can take in the full beauty  of the ass and a most inviting hole.  Of course we also get a full measure of great foot shots too, that lets us enjoy them as we like to do.  The camera ensures that we see them perfectly to take in the full beauty.  Then we have an extra treat as a helping hand plays with Mirek’s sexy ass, the hairy cheeks coated with oil as they are spread wide to show the hole.  As the video comes to an end the helping hand massages Mirek’s shoulders as that big cock is wanked to a very fine cumshot, dumping creamy cum all over the floor.

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