Zdeno Cedas

AGE: 18

The set includes 192 images and a video total running time 18.33 min

Zdeno Cedas is a real cutie.  He looks great in this foot shoot.  Naked from the outset we get to enjoy much more than just his feet. With a lovely soft cock and heavy balls  as well as he sexy ass Zdeno happily shows himself perfectly.  As we watch we are treated to great view of his feet, particularly the soles.  We are able to examin them in detail and watch as Zdeno plays with them too.  As he moves around we see more and change angles to ensure that we get to see everything we could wish for.  The tops of the feet are shown too, so we don’t miss out on anything.  This is one very sexy guy and he delivers a lovely video.

If you are not a member of www.malefeet4u.com and want to own the video of this set, you may buy the video here: Zdeno Cedas Feet

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