Erik Franke - dreamset

Erik Franke

AGE: 23

The set includes 191 images and a video total running time 17.49 min

Erik Franke is a really cute guy.  In this foot shoot he delivers a wonderful video that lets us enjoy his feet perfectly.  We get to watch as he bares them, showing the hairy tops.  The camea gives us some great close-up views that let us examine every detail of the fine lines on the soles.  We also get to watch as Erik rubs the feet for us.  The angle of view is changed to, ensuring that we see everything we wish too.  Our sexy model also gets naked part way through which adds a certain frisson to the occasion as he sits his sexy ass, with a blonde-haired hole to be glimpsed as the cheeks are spread, on his feet.  Having enjoyed so much we also get to glimpse his soft cock as the video comes to an end with Erik sitting, legs extended with the dick resting between his thighs.

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