Candid - Oleg Makarov - set 2

(set 2)

AGE: 19

The set includes 162 images and a video total running time 16.04 min 

Oleg Makarov is such a handsome guy.  Not only handsome but with a great body too.  In this candid video he shares it with us, showing off his big cock, which gets very hard indeed.  Oleg poses well, flexing his muscles as he shows his big cock.  He also treats us to some great views of his hairy ass, with the cheeks spread nicely, as he kneels on the bed.    Then we get a double whammy of hairy hole and big cock together as he lays on the bed.  For a better look at the ass he spreads his cheeks with his hands, just as we like. His massive cock pokes out in front of him as he kneels on the floor posing with hands behind his head.  Much as we enjoy all of that, and more of that hot body, we also like to see feet and Oleg does very well at showing them off.  Our camera goes in nice and close to allow us to examine all the fine details of the feet, ensuring that we all can enjoy the features that we like to see.  Then, having seen it all, he stands and delivers a lovely cum shot too.

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