Candid - Mikes Nerad


AGE: 22

The set includes 198 images and a video total running time 17.10 min 

Mikes Nerad is so handsome.  This sexy guy gives us a wonderfully candid video.  He is naked from the outset, with his cock big and hard.  He has a fabulous body to go with his handsome face and big dick.  We are able to enjoy it all too as our camera moves around to give some great views.  Mikes’s ass is a joy to behold too, and he parts the cheeks so well to give us the best of views of the tight hole.  Big cock and hot hole, both in view at the same time, what could be nicer than that?  Mikes gives us it all and looks perfect in every position his adopts, particularly when trapping cock and balls between his thighs as he parts his cheeks to show his hole.  As the video progresses we get so many great shots of the cock, ass and hot body.  But we also get to see the feet, as our camera goes in nice and close to show them off perfectly.  When we have seen just about all there is we are rewarded by a magnificent cumshot, with the hot jizz squirting out of that big, beautiful, cock.

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