Zima Skoncil - set 2

Zima Skoncil
(set 2)

AGE: 19

The set includes 191 images and a video total running time 20.12 min

A handsome face is always a good start to any video.  So we are on to a winner straightaway with Zima Skoncil.  This guy is so good looking and very sexy, as he sits in just his underwear.  We get right into his foot shoot as he long legs are stretched out to rest the feet on a stool.  We are then able to examine the feet in detail as our camera goes in nice and close, letting us enjoy each individually.  Martin’s hairy legs are shown too as the feet come together with the soles shown perfectly.   We major on the soles with prolonged views that show the fine lines perfectly.   Martin changes positions a few times to provide a different angle  and that shows his sexy ass in his underwear too.  We do get to enjoy the tops of the feet too, of course,  as the feet rest on the sofa and Martin reaches forward to rub them for us.  He also lays on his belly, knees bent so that the feet are in the air, giving our camera the chance to show them from above as it pans around.  Then, as he comes to the end of a lovely video Martin again reaches for the feet and rubs the soles and plays with the toes.  He is one very hot guy and gives us a lovely video.

If you are not a member of www.malefeet4u.com and want to own the video of this set, you may buy the video here: Zima Skoncil 2 Feet

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