Candid 2 - Martin Dudas - set 2

(candid 2)
(set 2)

AGE: 19

The set includes 151 images and a video total running time 17.42 min

Martin Dudas is a good looking guy.  His handsome face is framed by a close-cropped beard.  In this candid video he is also naked very quickly, posing with hands behind head as he sits on the floor with legs apart exposing his cock and balls.  It doesn’t take long either for us to get a great view of his cock hard, as he lays on the bed to show it off.  His sexy ass is also shown as his legs are raised and he pulls his cheeks wide apart.  With a beautiful body, hard cock and sexy ass we could hardly wish for more, except to see his feet, and we get a good look at them throughout the video, with our camera going in nice and close ensuring the best of view.  Martin enjoys showing off and he smiles a lot as he knows the camera is closing in on his most intimate parts to give us the greatest of views.  We get some wonderful, prolonged, views of the feet, particularly the soles, as he lays on the bed in various positions.  The closeness of the camera allowing us to examine all the fine details we love to see.  We also get to watch as he lays back and wanks his hefty meat before Martin delivers a wonderful finale, sitting on the frame of the bed and dumping his hot cum all over the place.

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