Candid - Kolja Muskanec


AGE: 26

The set includes 197 images and a video total running time 16.50 min

What a very hot guy Kolja Muskance is.  Good looking too and with a very sexy body. He is barchested right from the start of his candid video, so we can see how well developed his chest is. We quickly see that he has a very full bush too as he opens his jeans and shows it, with some cock on show too.  Then the jeans are down showing all of that gorgeous dick.  He gives us a great show of everything, getting his cock hard in the process.  His ass is sexy and Kolja does a great job of showing it off, pulling the cheeks wide apart to stretch his tight hole as well.  Throughout a very hot video we get some great shots of his feet as well,  as our camera closes in on them to ensure the best of views. He seems to have a perpetual smile as well which is very endearing.  With all the sots of his feet, showing the hairy tops and the sexy soles we are well served.  The culmination of a very hot video is Kolja standing and wanking his thick, hard, cock to a big creamy climax, dumping the cum all over the floor.

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