Radek Jedlicka

AGE: 19

The set includes 156 images and a video total running time 14.53 min

Radek Jedlicka is a really cute guy.  In this foot shoot it is a case of less is more, as he does little but is a great big turn-on.  Sitting on the massage table the close-ups of his feet are a feature of this video, as we examine both the soles and the tops.  Radek only has to flex the toes to heighten our pleasure immeasurable, which he does frequently.  We are able to enjoy the feet up close and with wide shots too, and Radek reaches for the feet and rubs them too.  When he kneels and the tops are pressed into the table the soles scrunch to show the definition so well.  He also enjoys running his hands over the feet, massaging the toes as the camera stays close in.  then the legs extend and we are presented with a lingering look at the sexy soles.

If you are not a member of www.malefeet4u.com and want to own the video of this set, you may buy the video here: Radek Jedlicka Feet

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