Dominik Sebesta - dreamset - set 2

Dominik Sebesta
(set 2)

AGE: 19

The set includes 262 images and a video total running time 20.11 min

Our cute Dominik Sebesta looks very good as he strips to his underwear in this sexy foot shoot.  Slim and cute he looks so attractive as he lays on the table in just the underwear and his boots.  A helping hand arrives to removes the boots and tickle the feet with a fork, through the worn socks.  The holes in the socks are enlarged, using scissors so the toes can be exposed and then tickled with the fork.  Then the insteps are exposed too and given the fork treatment, with Dominik flinching as he is tickled.  The socks come off so that we can enjoy the soles in all their naked glory and watch them being tickled.  After a lovely extended view of the soles we watch as the helping hand cuts off Dominik’s underwear too, revealing his cock and balls.  With rope around the ankles and naked before us his feet are tickled some more and then adorned with grapes between the toes.  Dominik lits his legs to flex the toes and shows off his sexy ass hole at the same time.  As he turns onto one side we see more of the hot ass and the soles as the hang over the edge of the table.  Dominik is enjoying showing that ass and moves onto his knees to really give a great view.  Then he sits again for more of the feet, ending with his legs wide apart, his cock and balls nestling between his thighs.

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  1. Fod decorated on his body/feet and tickled at the same time. It is sadistic and erotic! I really wanna see this series more and more.