Candid - Milan Stanecek

Milan Stanecek

AGE: 23

The set includes 128 images and a video total running time 20.53 min

What a handsome and well built guy Milan Stanecek is.  In this candid video we get to see his hot, nakted body in all its’ glory.  Right from the outset we get a great view as he stands, with his cock rock hard, posing for the camera, with a hand on his sexy ass.  That cock of his really does stand proudly to attention as our camera closes in on it.  Then we move up Milan’s body, past a very large scar on his abdomen.  He kneels on the sofa with hands on hips as he continues to pose with his hard cick.  Then Milan gives us a fabulous view of a very sexy ass, as he lays back on the sofa with his legs in the air.  His hot, tight, hole is clearly on view as the cheeks spread naturally.  What a wonderful view that is.  But of course we want some nice close-ups of his sexy feet too, and we are not disappointed as our camera delivers those throughout the shoot.  We get to see the soles in fine detail as the camera goes in nice and close.  It lingers on each foot in turn, so we can absorb the full beauty of them.  We see the tops too, as Milan sits on the sofa, arms around his knees and stiff cock trapped between his thighs.  This hot guy does a great job of showing off his wares and the camera  manages to capture everything we want to see.  Just when we think things cant get better we see a helping hand joining Milan and oiling that sexy ass.  Not only oiling it but fingering the tight hole too.  Two fingers work into the hole as Milan wanks his throbbing cock. Then he gets a dildo deep in his ass as he lays on his back wanking his stiff cock.  That dildo fucks his ass real deep  as Milan wanks himself until he milks the cum right out of his cock.

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