Candid - Ivan Rychta

Ivan Rychta

AGE: 26

The set includes 110 images and a video total running time 10.09 min

Sex on legs could aptly describe Ivan Rychta.  This guy is so hot and handsome and with a fabulous body too.  In this candid video we are treated to views of every inch of that body too.   From the outset his beautiful chest is on show and very quickly he is down to just his underwear, posing for the camera.  Also very quickly we are treated to some lovely foot shots as Ivan moves around.  Then we see the sole of the right foot as he kneels on the bed.  As the camera zooms out we then see a fully naked Ivan, showing off his sexy ass, with his balls hanging low between his legs.  Then he is standing again as we take a look at the top of his right foot, going in nice and close.  Ivan moves back onto the bed, so we get a good look at the sole of the left foot, before moving over to the right one.   The camera gives a wide shot, of our sexy stud laying on the bed showing off his cock and balls and his hot body.  Then another view of that hot cock and body as he stands again.  We see the sexy ass too as he stands, back to camera.  Then more of the feet as he lays on the bed with his legs in the air.  Kneeling on the bed he shows off his awesome chest again as he gropes himself.  Ivan then lays back and wanks his cock, getting it very hard indeed.  He lifts his legs and gives us a great view of his tight ass hole.  He keeps wanking as we enjoy that sexy ass.  Then Ivan traps his dick between his legs as he turns onto his side and shows more of that ass.  Then he drops his legs and wanks  his rock hard cock until his shoots a big, creamy load of hot cum all over his sexy body. 

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