Candid - David Fiala - set 2

(set 2)

AGE: 19

The set includes 144 images and a video total running time 14.01 min 

David Fiala is a good looking guy.  In this candid video we get to enjoy every inch of his hot body.  At first he wears just his underwear but we soon see him naked, with his big, soft cock dangling in front of him.  The cock is hooded by the foreskin and looks massive.  From there we get to enjoy David’s ass as he lays on the bed and spreads his cheeks.  Then it is time for some hard cock too and that big dick has the foreskin back and the big, bulbous head poking through.  David shows it off perfectly, including standing up and flexing as the big dick pokes out in front of him.  Then we get more of his hairy ass and the tight hole.  He does a great job of showing everything, moving around and laying on the bed with the cock resting on his leg.  As well as all the great views of body, cock and ass we get lots of views of his sexy feet too, just as we like.  We see the tops and then lots of close-ups of the soles, giving the chance to take in all the fine details.  David gets a helping hand too and the hands wank on his big cock to deliver a lovely cumshot as a great finale.

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