Candid - Arnold Coner

Arnold Coner

AGE: 21

The set includes 128 images and a video total running time 16.56 min

Oh yes!  What a hot studly guy Arnold Coner is.  He looks so good as he stands, in sunglasses too, to start a very hot and candid video.  With his good looks and fabulous body we know we are in for a great time in this video.  Arnold certainly doesn’t disappoint us either, as he soon find him naked and sporting a huge erection.  As if that isn’t enough he shows off his hot, and hairy ass to perfection too, with the cheeks spread to expose the hole as well.  Much as we enjoy all that we need some great views of the feet as well and we are not disappointed in that department either, as our camera closes in on the feet at every opportunity, to show them from all angles.  Particlulary good is when we see the feet high in the air as Arnold pulls his ass cheeks apart.  He does some lovely posing too, to show off his awesome muscles.  He is surely the complete package having everything we love to see, in abundance.  We are treated to some amazing shots of that hot body and off his sexy feet, and we finish with a wonderful cumshot, with Arnold shooting that cream all over his sexy belly.

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