Casting Couch Candidates - week 38

I will share a private statement on each Casting Couch Candidate (CCC).
From followers of my blog or better members of malefeet4u.com I would like to get feedback.
Please give me your point of view, send me an email (whmalefeet4u@gmail.com) or leave a comment here.
Suggestions, ideas, ... any feedback is very welcome and appreciated.

Every model of www.malefeet4u.com has first a casting for www.williamhiggins.com

Marion Anel
Quite a beautiful guy!
Have 2 foot sets with him.

Martin Cerny
He is OK. Have no set with him.

Peter Bazelan
There already is a candid set published at malefeet4u.com,
together with his twin brother.

Voloda Jovski
Have no set with him.

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