Spanking - Jan Dalek - set 3

(set 3)

AGE: 18

The set includes 99 images and a video total running time 21.10 min 

Jan Dalek is a really hot guy. He looks great as he lays, shackled, on the bed. He is gagged too and is trying to release himself, to no avail. His torment arrives and starts to use his whip on that hot body. The Jan's chest is slapped and his nipples are pulled too. The whipping continues too as Jan keeps moaning and struggling. His nipples are pulled very hard as weii. Then clamps are attached to them for a while. Jan continues to writhe around as his torment is unrelenting. his underwear is pulled down too giving access to his cock and balls which are soon being pulled around. Clothes pins are attached all over them and the nipples are used there too. Then the pins are removed and Jan is turned so that his sexy ass can get spanked and whipped. His cheeks are parted too to show his tight hole as the spanking reddens his ass. Then Jan is turned onto his back again and a hand is released for him to wank his cock as he feels more of the whip. He kkeps wanking until he shoots a massive load of hot cum all over his hot body.

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