Candid - Gerasim Spartak


AGE: 25

The set includes 132 images and a video total running time 11.14 min 

Gerasim Spartak doesn’t only have an exotic name, he has exotic looks too.  This guy is one very sexy stud and in this candid video he shows us everything that he has to offer.  From his handsome face to his hot, hairy, chest, and down to a great body and simply awesome erection he has it all.
As we enjoy his naked body, right from the outset, we see the huge and very erect cock and that great body.  Things get even hotter as we are also treated to some wonderful views of a very hot and inviting ass, with the cheeks spread wide, just as we like.  As we watch all that we are also given some great views of Gerasim’s feet too, complete with scars and injuries.  We see the tops and the soles and get some great close-ups too.  He is a chatty sole too in this video, interacting well with the crew, and laughing as well.  Although we may not want the video to end we know it must and Gerasim does it in style, dumping a lovely cumshot onto his hot body and rubbing the cum in.

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