Candid - Niko Molen


AGE: 32

The set includes 163 images and a video total running time 14.51 min

What could be a better start to a video than one very hot guy, naked and showing off his wares?  That is what we get in this candid video, with Niko Molen.  Good looking and very well built too he is just awesome.  From the outset that hot body and beautiful cock is on show.  As he poses to show off the body he gets his cock rock hard too, which is even more impressive.  Niko doesn’t stop there though, he gives us his hot ass, with the cheeks spread wide to ezpose his tight, but inviting, hole.  With so much hot skin to enjoy, with throbbing cock and awesome ass what more could we want?  Feet of course, we need those too, and we get them, as the camera takes time to give us some great close-ups of  the soles and the tops.  We are able to examine all the fine details just as we like.  The feet shots are spread throughout the video melding seamlessly with the views of his hot body.  Having enjoyed it all we get an extra treat as Niko reaches for, and plays with, his feet before laying back and moaning loudly as he wanks himself to a big, creamy, cumshot.

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