NOV-30-2010 MF4U update

(set 2 - military)

The set includes 210 images and a video total running time: 16 min 50 secs

The foot soldier, Vasek Lunsk spends a lot of time up and about cramped up in his tight leather jack boots. When ever he gets the chance to relax and kick off his shoes he takes it with great revelry. Sweaty and calloused form hard work they shine as their socks are peeled off and his toes are allowed to again wriggle and arches flex. Dimpled from the snug confines their delicate soft skin matches the rest of his now, naked perfect body in this very special new set.

The set includes 293 images.

The smooth clean lines of Martin Kalina will have you in raptures. Dressed smartly in a crisp white t-shirt and some dark, slimming pants, the eye is naturally drawn down his thin legs to the small, compact feet, hidden snugly in his tight shoes. Kicking off each one, he lets these beauties breathe before giving them the hard rub down they so desire.


NOV-26-2010 MF4U update

The set includes 167 images and a video total running time: 19 min 18 secs

There are few who can compare to Jakub Halat. Casually dressed in his grey shirt, slimming jeans and some pristine white slip on shoes, worn without socks he slides his clammy and damp feet our and lets them flex in the crisp afternoon air. Rolling up his cuffs he lets his ankles roll and lets the camera zoom right up until nothing but his feet fill the frame. Stripping naked he poses in a variety of positions before ending a set that will stay fresh for weeks to come.

The set includes 167 images.

Ondrej Matyas is a real snappy dresser. With his cute as a button face and long, lean body he looks a million bucks as he stars in this, his very first Male Feet 4 U set. Packing a punch he wastes no time in getting down to business, whipping off his shoes and socks before wrapping his hands around and kneading them back and forth. Thickly calloused around the balls of the foot, these babies have seen some work in their time but wear it well, making this a set to remember.


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Following video sets will come next to www.malefeet4u.com before Christmas.

Filip is a very popular model at williamhiggins.com
Finally I got him for malefeet4u.com  

He looks like a rock star.

Jakub is a long favourite of mine. He was first at our casting 2 years ago.
I am happy to see him back. He has such a sexy feet! You will see him more than once! 

This is Martin´s third and last foot set I have. I do like him a lot.
Please let me know if you want to see him in more foot shoots.
This is "gonzo" style foot shoot.
God - this guy is so sexy. Just hot!
Ondra is a next door type of guy.

When Vasek came to our casting he had a hairstyle I am very into.
His face is very sweet and he so handsome. 
This is his 2nd shoot - military.

NOV-23-2010 MF4U update

(set 4)

The set includes 125 images and a video total running time: 18 min 13 secs

We just can’t seem to get enough of Michal Frys. His cute as a button face, his long trim body and those feet make his the ultimate package and one that we can’t tear out eyes from. Clad in a stripped shirt, rich dark pants and some classic casual street shoes with just the hint of a tight white ankle sock peeping over the top, he removes all this so that his skin, fresh with the dimples of the tight elastic, fill our screens and harden our dicks.

The set includes 341 images.

The trim, taught and terrific, Lukas Kaspar is nothing short of amazing in this, his first solo set. His shoes wrap snugly around his slender long feet and their contours clearly outline their shape. Kicking them away he reveals his naked feet. Delicate and trim with a slight dusting of hair and skin like porcelain they are a treat for the eyes and feet that we could look at for days.


NOV-19-2010 MF4U update

(set 2 - "gonzo" style)

The set includes 82 images and a video total running time: 18 min 57 secs

The hard bodied and cute faced, Martin Dajnar is a real crowd pleaser and today we have him here expressly for you. Quickly discarding his black stake shoes which crowd his feet with their excess padding, he soon fills our frames with nothing but his feet, larger than life and so close you can almost reach out and taste them.

The set includes 459 images.

Roman Stastny is a happy go lucky guy who knows what he likes and knows how to get it. Cruising through this set like a hot knife through butter he forges ahead, rolling his ankles, smothering his toes in his fist and rubbing his whole feet down so that they shine like the diamonds they are.