To check out our foot site, we changed to a 3 day trial period.
Probably for only about 2 months then back to old one month only style.

If you want to sign up through another payment system, I am sorry to tell, but the setup on MF4U website is horrible. We can only offer one payment option to one payment system. We chose the CCbill system.

If you have problems joining via CCbill, send us an email (http://www.malefeet4u.com/site/index.php?option=com_contact&Itemid=3) and you may request a membership via PayPal, BUT for the minimum of 2 months.

Yours MaleFeet4U

Recent shoots for MaleFeet4U.com

Milan Nemec
A model I was looking forward to attending our studio.
I enjoyed that shoot, especially because I took photos and shot the video.

Tomas Stieber
What a handsome chap.
I like him a lot and hope to get him for more work like tickling, bondage, ...
Same on him, took photos and shot the video.

Jaro Bosek
What a hot and fit guy.
Would like to have him for more sets.
Shot the video part, photos taken by my lovely assistent Mirek Voight (also model on MF4U).

Mirek Mastel
He is gay and I did the foot shoot before his solo erotic shoot.
Shot the video and Mirek took photos.
His solo erotic video was very late and those who watched it live on praguebuddies may have noticed, that I was thinking about fucking that model while the liveshow for the erotic video part.
At the end I went to disco with friends and he took a huge dildo instead.

Radek Benda
Guy next door type of guy, at least for me.
Shot the video part and Mirek took the photos.

Rudolf Fischer
A very nice guy. He is a tennis player.
Shot the video part and Mirek took the photos.

Jan Dousa
What a splendid guy, don´t you agree?
Would like to use him in more shoots. What do you think?
Took photos and shot video part.
Unfortunately I messed with the flashlight while photo part, hope to sort that out by editing the images.

Michal Mamalas
Damn. Believe it or not, I fell in love to that guy. Watch out for the video and you know what I mean
Really wish to see him again.
Shot the video and took photos.

Matej Smola
He plays soccer and wore a great pair of shoes in that shoot.
Did not locate his images, hope they are not lost.
The image below is taken from his video part.
I shot the video and Mirek took the photos.
Would like to use him in more sets. What do you think?


Coming soon to MaleFeet4U.com

Andreas Nemec

Kuba Kosicek

Marcel Silhan

Martin Mudracha

Milan Ulver


Video preview of Thomas Dyk

Here a 2 minutes video preview of model Thomas Dyk.


Video preview of Alan Carbol

Here a 2 minutes video preview of model Alan Carbol.

Video preview of Otto Pilanka

Here a 2 minutes video preview of model Otto Pilanka.