JUL-29-2011 MF4U update

The set includes 142 images and a video total running time: 16 min 05 secs

Petr Domas has been a real popular guy of late and today he has tried his hand, or foot rather at MF4U. Dressed in some silken kickboxing shorts, he flexes his muscles, making his body come to life. Smirking into the camera’s lens he draws us in with his charm and keeps us there with his impeccable body.

The set includes 217 images.

Looking like a club’s bouncer, Vilem Fedic is a big softy at heart and wouldn’t hurt a fly. Kicking off his shoes he lets the camera pan all the way down his legs, taking in all the smooth skin as it goes. Focusing on his crisp white socks and the toes that wriggle from underneath, this is one set that will linger in your memory for times to come.

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What a superb looking guy! And such a sexy feet!
Believe me, neither do you want to miss any of his photos nor any second of his video!

The guy next door. Easy to work with.

Danek is a very lovely guy and easy to work with.
Have this tickling and one more foot shoot with him.

His 3rd and final foot shoot. In "gonzo" style.
I take off shoes and socks, massage, tickle and play with his feet.

He has a very natural and beautiful face. Have one foot shoot with him.
His feet is very sexy! Do not miss him!

JUL-26-2011 MF4U update

The set includes 65 images and a video total running time: 13 min 03 secs

Our star today is the exquisite, Drew Hemcak. Wasting no time getting down to business, he strips back to his underwear in no time, filling our screens with all his pale soft skin. Sliding each foot against the other, we look on hungrily as he takes us on a journey of sexual exploration the likes of which are few and far between.

The set includes 191 images.

Jan Hrasko is the classic casual model. Dressed in summer clothes he has long legs that lead the eye down to some crisp white socks that wrap around his feet like a second skin. Flexing his feet we watch as each delicate muscle tightens and relaxes making this a show to remember.

JUL-22-2011 MF4U update

(set 2)

The set includes 201 images and a video total running time: 22 min 47 secs

Vilem Helen is back for another steamy MF4U shoot. Still sporting that unmistakable style that has made him a crowd favorite he guides us through this set as he kick off his shoes, peels off his socks and strips down to his jeans until nothing but his smooth creamy skin fills our screens.

The set includes 358 images.

Looking like a fallen angel, Vilem Hrubka commands this set right from the first frame. Removing his black lace up sneakers he lets his toes flex and wriggle from inside their socks. Once naked he rubs them back and forth against each other making for one hot set and one to come back to time and time again.

JUL-19-2011 MF4U update

The set includes 70 images and a video total running time: 15 min 30 secs

 Laid back on the bed, Hugo Antonin invites us closer with his eyes. Kicking off each shoe he reveals some grey, floppy socks that look like have been wrapped around his feet for days. As each one is slowly peeled back Hugo promptly removes the rest of his clothes and shows us his entire naked body.

The set includes 135 images.

Honza Marhoul has the kind of feet dreams are made of. Short trimmed nails lead the eye down over button like toes and curvaceous balls that are so close you can almost taste them. Kicking off his sandals he lets the camera glide all along their shapely form while he gently rubs his two feet together.


JUL-15-2011 MF4U update

(set 2 - "gonzo" style)

The set includes 122 images and a video total running time: 24 min 03 secs

Karel tichy is back for his second solo foot video. This time dressed in a snappy suit and tie he starts off reclined on the bed, his shiny work shoes taking up most of the frame. Removing each one, followed by his socks and eventually all of his clothes he soon flexes his stuff completely naked before the camera. Finishing with some extreme close ups this is one set you will want to see time and time again.

The set includes 284 images.

Looking like your classic student type, Mirek Svato commands this set right from the get go. Wrapped up in shiny skate shoes, his feet wriggle and squirm once he kicks the shoes off. His legs are thick and toned and his feet are too, carefully sculpted and here today expressly to please you.