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Ondra Ragan

The set includes 350 images.

Ondra Ragan is the fresh faced, young type of guy we like to see more of. Dressed ni his causal club wear of pink t-shirt and jeans, he steps out of his shiny, red Velcro shoes with ease. Rubbing his white socks on the Persian rug below causes some static electricity to accumulate, much like the spark being set off in our pants as he peels back the white cotton blend of his socks. Two creamy white feet lurk blow, looking as if never touched by the sun’s rays they fairly glow under the bright lights. Unmarked by hair nor scar these are the anatomical perfection of male feet.

Josef Barlik

The set includes 143 images and a video total running time: 10 min 27 secs.

Josef Barlik is the kind of man on the move. Always landing a deal he is constantly on his feet moving from place to place. Not having time for the fancy things in like pedicures, his feet are simply vehicles of transport used on a daily basis. It is not surprising then that we have chosen him as today’s feature. With slightly calloused heels and balls and a dusting of hair across their peaks these feet are the kind of rugged outdoorsy type that drive us wild time and time again.


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