APR-30-2010 MF4U update

The set includes 103 images and a video total running time: 23 min 57 secs.

Our star this week is Alan Duna, a relative newcomer to the leagues of Male Feet 4 U. he is sure to work his way up with what he has to offer. Grabbing the toe of his white cotton socks he pulls, letting the material stretch and finally flick of the end of his toe. Performing a strip tease for the camera it is not long before our screens are filled exclusively with 100% Duna. Striking a range of poses, this set has it all for those of you out there who like variety.

(Set 2)

The set includes 167 images.

Ladislav Bohar is one hard piece of work. Bald headed and sporting a bulging heap of muscles from each arm, he is one guy you don’t want to get on the wrong side of. But like most of his kind, he is just a gentle giant under all that gruff exterior, With long legs that reach all the way down to his shoes, he takes the focus down along their length and slowly removes his socks and shoes. Underneath lays two almost untouched specimens of foot fantasy, scrubbed clean with a light dusting of hair along the peaks and the unmistakable peachy color that just screams to be sucked.


APR-27-2010 MF4U update

The set includes 65 images and a video total running time: 14 min 01 secs.

There is something about pastel colors against creamy flesh that never fails to get a rise from us. Pavel Modelon has been all the rage around here recently and it is no wonder once you see what this stud is capable of. Wasting no time in pleasantries, he whips off his clothes like a man possessed. Lying naked on the bed he is a picture of perfection as his pale, delicate body squirms around, rubbing against itself and making us all harder than hell.

Radim Kalvoda

The set includes 333 images.

Radim Kalvoda is a classic around the offices here. Having starred in some of the hottest movies going today we have finally got him in for a foot set. With a dreamy face and a killer body he is that dangerous mixture that gets us every time. Dressed casually in a beige sweater and dark blue jeans, his feet sprout almost unexpectedly from their cuffs, wrapped in tight white cotton. Slowly he teases the camera, peeling back one sock and letting it flick off the tip of his toes before doing the same with the second. Before we can blink our screens are filled with nothing but the peachy undersides of his feet, wriggling away and as sexy as ever.


TICKLING - video teaser 2

TICKLING - video teaser 1

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APR-23-2010 MF4U update

The set includes 99 images and a video total running time: 20 min 43 secs.

Our star this week is Ivan Krutas. The slender bodied gent that caught our eye and reeled it in the moment we laid them on him. Wasting no time with the usual get to know your routine, he immediately gets down to business, sliding out of his shirt, and pulling his long legs out of those jeans leaving nothing but some black jockeys and a pair of white socks standing between Ivan and ourselves. These soon to go the way of the rest of his clothes and before you know it Ivan is naked on the bed inviting us into his world, and that is one invitation not to pass up.

The set includes 208 images.

Michal Kacena is so smooth it is like looking at a pane of glass. From the tips of his curly hair to the soles of his cross trainers he is that 100% Czech original that cannot be copied. Sliding off his footwear, shoe by shoe he wriggles his white socks in the cool afternoon air. Peeling these off too we are left with just the soft skin, colored like rose petals and filling our screens in a display that will leave you breathless.


APR-20-2010 MF4U update

The set includes 43 images and a video total running time: 11 min 34 secs.

Norbert Fuks isn’t your classical beauty. Solid in the body and with that classic eastern European face, he fulfills that bouncer fantasy some of you have. With a rippled mid section and a bulging pair of pectoral muscles, he is a man mountain as he peels back each layer of his clothing. Completely naked he lays back onto his stomach, rocking back and forth getting his cock all nice and hard against the hard leather of the gym horse. His feet slide over each other and his toes wriggle with all the pleasure until soon it is time to say goodbye to this one, but not for long I hope.

The set includes 274 images.

Lukas Bertik is the picture of perfection as he casually strolls into this special Male Feet 4 U set. Dressed in the latest designer threads and sporting a trendy new haircut, he is just the kind of guy we like around here – clean cut and ready for some dirty action. Stepping out of his shoes he massages his clean peachy feet. Up on his haunches he lets one foot take his weight and watches as it wrinkles under it all. The other foot hangs relaxed and in comparison very lifeless, until he rocks his weight and lets it too, take some of what he has to give. With feet you could just take in your mouth and lick all over, Lukas is one guy we would like to see more of.


APR-16-2010 MF4U update

The set includes 308 images and a video total running time: 29 min 48 secs.

Roland Riedl has that come hither glare that gets us somewhere around the groin and drags us in like moths to like a light. From the top of his surfer hair do to the pale creamy soles of his feet he is genuine class. Starting this set off already stripped to his underwear, he put on a show of rubbing his feet together and wrinkling the skin with small wriggles of the toes. Finally getting totally naked he strikes a few poses for the camera and ends the set with a bang

The set includes 270 images.

Here is that tall handsome stranger that haunts your eternal fantasy. With chiseled, striking features he looks the picture of perfection. As we pan down the length of his body we linger a while at the legs before embarking on what we came here for, a good old fashioned foot set. Stepping casually out of his sporty lace ups he produces two feet wrapped tightly in the cotton confines of his anklet socks. Contoured to each undulating curve they whet the appetite as to what lies beneath.